It’s time to {SAVE THE DATE}

Confetti Save The Date

December brings lots of fun & excitement, from spending time with Friends and Family, lazing in the sun, and of course it’s the perfect time to get engaged. What an exciting year ahead, and now it’s time to start your first official wedding task, it’s time to send out your Save the Dates, to let your nearest and dearest know about the upcoming celebration. The best time to send out your save the dates are 8 months- 1 year before the BIG DAY!!

Here are some handy pointers of what to include in your Save the Date:
– Your wedding Date
– Your names
– Formal invitations to follow – so that guests know there is more info to come
– Accommodation info – if the guests need to book accommodation in advance

There are so many different formats when it comes to save the dates – here is a selection of our favourites:

Digital Save the Dates: to send to your guests via email

Emtia Save The Date

Save The Date

Stamp Save the Dates: this is great for the DIY Bride


Postcard Save the Date: A Blooming Wonderful Fave

Pencil together




Photograph Save the Date: a great way to use some of the pictures from your engagement shoot.

Post Card Save The Date

Fold open Save The Date

Magnet Save The Date: what better way to keep reminding your guests about your special day



Book Mark Save the Date:

book mark


The Illustrated Save the Date:
Illustrated Couple Save The Date

The Fun and Quirky Save the Date:

Confetti Save The Date

Engraved Eggs Save The Date

by Kim Brouns

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