{INSPIRATION} Photograph Wedding Invitations

Photograph Invitation 3

Using a photograph in your wedding invitations is a great way to incorporate a personal touch into your wedding stationery. Why not use the photos from your engagement shoot, to send to your loved ones to invite them to your special day – It will be a lovely keepsake for your guests

If you are planning on doing a photograph invitation, remember to keep this in mind when doing your engagement shoot. Think of cute shots that you could use for your stationery, even for your thank you cards at a later stage. If you are a little shy, try shots of you holding hands or walking into the sunset together. Keep in mind that a close ups are not the best when it comes to your wedding invites, rather aim for a picture with lots of background detail.

There are so many different options when it comes to invitation styles – here are a few of our favourites (All of the invitations we’re designed & made with love by the Blooming Wonderful design team):
This invitation is a postcard size invite, with a laser cut outer cover in a vellum paper which is a see through paper, so you can see the picture of the couple peeking through. This is a great option if you have lots of info. This invite was sewn together, but you could also use a brad pin or twine.

Photograph Invitation

Square typography style invitation. The modern typography creates a sleek, simple and modern feel. This is great for a couple on a bit of a budget. Add an addressed tag, with some twine to finish off the look.

Photograph Invitation

This Tri-fold DL photograph invitation is visually interesting, its storyboard style, captivates the reader, and the icons keep it simple and easy to understand.

Photograph Invitation 3

Postcards are one of the most loved and most often used types of invitation – the possibilities are endless. You can keep it simple and informative, or go for bold and striking. Adding a customized lined envelope will complete the look and add the element of surprise, when your guests open up your invite.

Photograph Invitation

Typography meets photography – here the photograph litterally forms part of the text, which makes it visually interesting.

Photograph Invitation 4

We love how the photography was used as a custom liner – its an awesome way to show your awesome personality as a couple. The invite is a postcard trifold card, with a round tag & twine.

Photograph Invitation 5

This A5 Vellum (see through paper, similar to tracing paper) envelope combines geometric and simplistic elements. Clean lines, and modern fonts create a fresh contemporary feel.

Photograph Invitation 7

This swatch style invitation is a modern, edgy way to combine a lot of information without detracting from the overall look and feel of your invite.

Photograph Invitation 8

by Kim Brouns

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